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Alachua… A small town located roughly 15-30 minutes north of Gainesville. It is a town that still has its old south charm and can be found nestled among huge live oaks, magnolias, cedar and hickory trees. Alachua’s history not only dates back to the times of the Seminole Native Americans, but to Spanish explorers, a history that dates back to the 1800’s!

In 1905 the City of Alachua was officially incorporated and had a population of 526, by 1925 Alachua had a population of 1,100. In the 2010 census Alachua’s population was at 9,059.

Think back to the way of life back then… A small town where neighbors helped one another, farming was the way to provide for your family, and Main Street was originally a tree lined dirt road that ran through the middle of town.

General stores had cans of goods in the windows, and prices on the windows written in chalk. It was a time when families brought their corn into town to be ground into meal and grits – they didn’t have to pay a dime. They paid with corn! Families came together to help one another raise barns and churches, and news of marriages, births, deaths and gossip were told through word of mouth: and they still do.

Alachua has come a long way from the old times… It still celebrates holidays and special events such as the Alachua Fall Feast (it is a Community Holiday Feast)! Admission to city sponsored events is free, and in the summer, Alachua has the bragging rights of the largest small town fireworks display. Winter has tree lightings and parades. Alachua has a Splash Park, along with numerous parks and nature trails that makes it easy for people to call Alachua home.

Welcome home to Alachua!

Your Gainesville professional movers would like to congratulate Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte on his five Olympic medals from London. Lochte went to school at Gainesville’s University of Florida and has become the local hero for this year’s Olympics. In his first race, the 400 meter IM he jumped with a splash, winning gold. The last race of his London Olympics also brought him another medal, this time bronze. He ended his Olympic games with two golds, two silvers, and a bronze. Not a bad haul for the former Gator. Your Gainesville movers are thrilled for Lochte’s success and cannot wait until Rio in 2016 to cheer him on again.

Like anybody would be, your Gainesville moving professionals are elated by the decline in gas prices. And apparently the fuel prices in Florida are expected to continue dropping! The average cost per gallon of gas in Gainesville is down 15 cents from one month ago; perhaps we’ll see fuel fall below the three-dollar-per-gallon mark before the summer comes to a close. Your Gainesville relocation providers can get used to the falling gas prices, this is a trend we hope doesn’t stop any time soon.

Memorial-Day-Getaways have apparently increased in popularity among Americans as a boost in expected holiday travelers has been reported. This year nearly 35 million Americans will vacation fifty-miles-or-more from home in celebration of Memorial Day. The main method of transportation will be by automobile while travel via airline will actually drop this year. Road trips are a blast with family, our own little family of movers makes daily road trips –some short, some quite long– all while relocating families to new homes. Time on the road with family is a great way to reconnect and enjoy nice scenery with friends and family. Your Gainesville professional mover wishes all travelers a great getaway this Memorial Day. Be safe and have fun!

Your trusty moving professionals in Gainesville have survived another Friday the 13th! Did you know that there will be three Friday-the-Thirteenth’s this year? What’s more is that each one is separated from the next by thirteen weeks! With all the talk of 2012 already circulating regarding December 21st, your relocation specialist in Gainesville predicts much controversy to arise over the upcoming triple-threat of Friday-the-Thirteenth’s! Will the world end this year? Who knows!? One thing is certain though, your professional moving team in Gainesville Florida has already had one flawless day of Friday-the-Thirteenth moving, and we expect to have two more just like today before the year is over! Happy New Year, and Happy Friday-the-Thirteenth!

With roughly a week before Halloween, the Florida Museum of Natural History’s Brazilian free-tailed bat exhibit could not have come at a better time! However, if you are anything like your Gainesville local movers here, bats may be just a tad too scary to enjoy up close in personal! That is why the Florida Museum of Natural History mounted three cameras inside the University of Florida’s bat house. You can get your fill of scary bats from the comfort (and safety) of your own home twenty-four hours a day! If you are planning to move soon, the museum’s bat-cams may also be a great way to distract yourself from any moving stress you may be experiencing. Another great solution to crippling moving stress: Contact your trusted Gainesville movers today!

Moving plans often change, and sometimes a change to your moving game plan is neither desired nor expected! Rather than panic, your Gainesville professional moving company has a better suggestion for how to deal with unexpected adjustments to your moving plan such as a change of your move-in date. Simply call us! Your movers are flexible so that you can relax during your entire moving experience regardless of what curveballs get thrown your way. Whether your moving day has changed, you find that you need more movers on your crew, or another moving company you hired bails out on your at the last second; your moving day is under control no matter what with these flexible professional Gainesville movers! Fret not!

Sometimes moving to a new home is part of an elaborate escape plan. Let’s face it, annoying neighbors, fanatical exes, and other unwelcomed pests can put a serious damper on your home life. Planning a move can be part of the ultimate escape plan to rid your life of people you wish you had never met!

While there are friends and family members who you’ll want to inform of your move and new whereabouts, the most important objective of a moving escape plan is disappearing without a trace! Your professional Florida moving company in Gainesville is more than capable of assisting you in keeping your moving escape plan a covert operation. We will have you packed up and on the road aboard a moving truck quickly, leaving no trail for your unwanted company to follow.

Vanishing without a trace is sure to help rid your day-to-day life of social parasites unable to take a hint. Avoid any unwanted reunions by changing your phone number and of course, by keeping any conversation of your move out of range of your neighbors!

Moving your electronic devices safely is likely to be one of the top priorities when transitioning to a new home. Many people even opt to move electronics on their own prior to the moving day. If your electronics are in the hands of reputable relocation specialists, you truly have nothing to worry about, but nonetheless worrisome concern about the safety of your electronics while moving is completely understandable. Regardless of whether or not you’ll allow your mover to handle your electronics on your moving day or not, electronics can be tricky while relocating because of all the wiring that is involved. What a pain! Or is it? Sounds like a job for color coding if you ask this Gainesville professional mover! Before disconnecting all the cords and wires in preparation to move your electronics, take the time to label each component so that re-connection of all your devices isn’t a confusing dig through a spaghetti of wires. Colored tape is easy to apply to the ends of wires and cords, even the tabs used to seal sliced bread bags can be labeled with a marker and clipped around wires so that you can know exactly where to plug each cable wire or cord. Not only will this little extra step make moving in to your new home a breeze, it also simplifies any re-arranging projects you may execute in the future.

Upon moving to a new home, the fresh new surroundings often inspire occupants to redecorate their new abode. There is no right or wrong way to deck out your new pad after moving in, but there are a few ways of which to go about doing it. Whatever your preferred method of personalizing your new space may be, one thing is extremely important and should not be overshadowed by the excitement of your new home’s new look; remember to protect the furniture and other household items you have now! During a residential move, if you are not careful you run the risk of damaging –even destroying– items which you intend to hang on to when you move in to your new home. If you are hiring professional Florida movers in Gainesville, be sure to hire wisely. Never schedule your move with a moving company in Gainesville without checking them out first; credentials and referrals are easily accessible online! A botched move can easily spoil the otherwise enthralling excitement of your new home’s potential.