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Moving with a Piano?

There is something about a piano that just demands appreciation. From sight to sound, the piano is all about art and beauty. A beautiful piano adds so much to your home’s décor just by being seen, and a skilled pianist to make it sing is the icing on the cake. If you are moving soon, your piano is likely at the top of your priority list, and moving a piano isn’t exactly easy. Take a look inside your piano. You’ll see many components such as the hefty cast iron sound plate which likely makes your piano the heaviest item in the home. On top of heaviness, your piano is also likely to be the most delicate item in the home as well. You need a professional piano mover to ensure a safe transition to your new place.

If you have a beautiful piano, then you probably have many nice belongings in your home; you’ll most likely hire professional Gainesville movers to handle your possessions with care. You may worry that your piano will cost an arm and a leg to move, but you actually have nothing to worry about at all! Your professional Gainesville movers here are expert piano movers; even if you need your piano to go upstairs, you’re movers here have it covered! Your piano will be given extra special attention during the move, an ultra padded piano dolly will even be used to absorb vibrations and keep your piano protected. It is nearly impossible to move a piano without detuning it slightly along the way, but the special care we provide to your piano will keep it as close to tuned as possible; your preferred piano tuner will not have a difficult job retuning your piano to perfection. Moving with a piano? No problem!

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