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Moving to Gainesville? Beware of Alligators!

A rather humorous alligator attack occurred recently in Gainesville. Fortunately, the attack wasn’t on a person or a pet of a Gainesville resident, but rather a police squad car! Exiting a local residence, the police officers happened upon the ten-foot gator which had its massive jaws clamped down on the front bumper of the squad car. The officers proceeded to drive the car in reverse to detach the alligator’s teeth from the bumper, but the gator wouldn’t move! Eventually the license plate bracket snapped which somehow caused the giant lizard to release the bumper from its mouth. The gator was soon-after removed from the property by animal control personnel. Your Gainesville mover here thinks that things would have transpired a bit differently had the alligator tried his luck with attacking a much tougher moving truck! Be forewarned, if you plan to move to Gainesville, alligators are known to inhabit the area –as well as many other areas in Florida– so proper precautions should always be taken to avoid a much more serious attack! Your mover is happy to report that, at least on this occasion, nobody was hurt.

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