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Local Spotlight: Alachua

Alachua… A small town located roughly 15-30 minutes north of Gainesville. It is a town that still has its old south charm and can be found nestled among huge live oaks, magnolias, cedar and hickory trees. Alachua’s history not only dates back to the times of the Seminole Native Americans, but to Spanish explorers, a history that dates back to the 1800’s!

In 1905 the City of Alachua was officially incorporated and had a population of 526, by 1925 Alachua had a population of 1,100. In the 2010 census Alachua’s population was at 9,059.

Think back to the way of life back then… A small town where neighbors helped one another, farming was the way to provide for your family, and Main Street was originally a tree lined dirt road that ran through the middle of town.

General stores had cans of goods in the windows, and prices on the windows written in chalk. It was a time when families brought their corn into town to be ground into meal and grits – they didn’t have to pay a dime. They paid with corn! Families came together to help one another raise barns and churches, and news of marriages, births, deaths and gossip were told through word of mouth: and they still do.

Alachua has come a long way from the old times… It still celebrates holidays and special events such as the Alachua Fall Feast (it is a Community Holiday Feast)! Admission to city sponsored events is free, and in the summer, Alachua has the bragging rights of the largest small town fireworks display. Winter has tree lightings and parades. Alachua has a Splash Park, along with numerous parks and nature trails that makes it easy for people to call Alachua home.

Welcome home to Alachua!

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